International Sales

We have post to all countries in the world except the USA or Canada for the one fixed postage charge of £8.00 ( minimum order is £100).

Please accept that unlike UK sales the product will not arrive on your doorstep next day but we will endeavour to despatch your product within 48 hours of receipt of order and will send the goods tracked air mail to your door. We will be unable to give you the same customer service until our distribution and customer support networks are set up outside the UK.

We reserve the right to refuse your order and in such circumstances will contact you and refund your purchase in full within 48 hours.

Selling to overseas markets is fraught with difficulties as pipework may differ and water quality may be poor. We are currently customising our pumps for each overseas market however the transformers need 110 volts to 250 volts AC so they will work anywhere in the world (although the plugs are standard UK plugs)

Whilst ideal for countries using desalinated water, in some countries the water quality is such that particulates will block the flow switches. I have a working prototype switch which will deal with water quality in India & Africa however the release of this product is currently pending due to time constraints.

Currently we do not post to USA, Canada due to insurance issues, and Nigeria (due to problems with deliveries of pumps not reaching the person who purchased them but I am sure several individuals in Nigeria are enjoying use of our product)

If manufacturers want to copy us you will never be the original Shower Power Booster and achieve the results we do, perhaps you would like to work with me rather than against.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but an imitation will only ever be a shadow of the original.