About Us

Showerpowerbooster Ltd is based in Norwich. Company Registration is 8746109: VAT Registration 188014305.

With 30 years in municipal water design, Alan Wright BSc(Hons) Civil Engineering,CEng, MICE, a hydraulics expert, joined Anglian Water at a time when Victorian excellence in design and simplicity still permeated the water industry.

Our philosophy is to reinvent simplicity. Instead of disruptive work to get the solution you need, simply boost a pre-selected volume of water in a pipe. With just an average showerhead, hose, and mixer, Shower Power Booster selects just enough water to give you the shower and tap flow you need by the pressure it needs to be effective. If you already have a good shower or tap flow the device simply notes the fact you have a good flow and deactivates, so it’s a true eco-warrior, saving energy, and reducing water waste.

Shower Power Boosters are assembled and tested for Showerpowerbooster Ltd by Flowflex which is a UK company founded in 1954 and renowned for traditional quality and excellence. The solid-state electronics are manufactured in Norfolk, England.

We sell as far afield as New Zealand and Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Tailand, Malaysia, and Blackpool for improving gravity systems, solar thermal systems, electric showers, and combi boilers, wood burners, ice making machines, private boreholes, pressurised systems, Trevi Boosters, Fortic Tanks.

Our best seller by far is the SP2B which is fully automatic and which for many gives a single pump solution to pressurize and invigorate every tap and shower in a house. Shower power boosters can be legally fitted to any gravity or mains water pipe and were featured in Dragons Den, September 2013.

We have been assisted in our journey by some amazing organisations.

Climate Kic is an inspirational forward looking organisation, passionate about making a difference to improve the environment, and who operate through Imperial College London in the UK. They provided funding in 2012 to develop the flow switch for the SP2 and are supporting further commercialisation in 2014 (including taking this new technology to India).

The University of East Anglia through Norfolk Knowledge provided the funding in 2011 to allow us to accelerate the patent process in the UK to gain early grant of patent.

Cranfield University for validation work through Professor Hoi Yeung and Dr Liyon Lao.

NWES who were inspirational in helping to develop our business plan which we still follow.

EBTC who helped us in India and without them we could not have achieved as much as we did.

UKTI and Enterprise Europe Network, who are assisting us to reach out beyong the UK.

To Growth Accelerator for help with this new ecomerce website web site, and to many more.

To Dragons Den and its limited understanding of the product thus allowing me to walk away with 100% ownership intact.

Thank you.

We believe in sustainability – In this throw-away society Shower Power Boosters are made to last.

The shower power boosters are designed to be fully serviceable by the customer without invalidating the warranty. Low cost spares are available and can be fitted by the customer. If any component fails, you can easily replace just the component needed yourself, not the whole pump.

We sell shower heads and hoses which scored best in our research at Cranfield University and a range of fittings and extras to make life easy. It might just be a new shower head you need, so buy from us and if it saves you buying a pump, we lose a pump sale but celebrate another happy customer.

We constantly evolve this product but new models will use components interchangeable with older models, which allows the customer to update and improve.


‘Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a lot of genius and lots of courage to move in an opposite direction.’ Albert Einstein – Scientist (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955)


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