Quiet In-Line Shower Pump

This quiet in-line shower booster pump featured on Dragons Den and was invented by Alan Wright to boost low pressure water in gravity systems, electric showers, combi boilers, solar thermal, wood burners, coolers, ice makers, washing machines, and hot water radiators. To see our latest range of products and  buy your shower power booster visit our UK web site by clicking on the link below


The shower power booster was invented in 2010 and allows problems to be solved in a way that was never possible before. It is easily fitted by a plumber or fit it yourself. A DIY novice can fit it in minutes for a permanent ‘fit and forget’ solution to dribbly taps and poor showers. A single pump can increase the pressure to every tap and shower in a house to give good flows and refreshing showers.

Quiet Shower Pump

Quiet Shower Pump

It achieves the same result as noisy power showers 20 times bigger, is ultra quiet, with a super efficient pump the size of a golf ball. ‘Plug and play’ using an existing 3 pin plug socket. Using only 12 to 15 watts of power it can legally run off a lighting circuit. Running from an off-grid solution, it’s perfect. Very small – fits where no other pump will fit. Ready to fit any 15mm or 22mm pipe (adapters supplied as standard with every pump), fit at any angle. It can legally boost gravity or mains water pipes. Three year warranty. Money back guarantee. Clever science, solid-state electronics, and a power supply that works globally (world wide sales and British ingenuity at its best). We are different – the product is different – and nothing else comes close.

Winner of best UK water innovation 2012 from Imperial College London at the Institute of Physics in London.

British Invention with a Patent Granted in the UK.

Pumps can be bought on our UK website – Manufactured by Flowflex in the UK

If you are running a tap, a shower, or a bath, it will increase flows when turned on, but it will not reduce existing flows when turned off, there’s no risk of cavitation, no harm to the pump when it runs dry, or when it runs against a closed valve. It fits on any pipe in any direction or orientation. These are all problems we have solved and our rivals have not. We have fantastic customer feedback with thousands of happy customers who found this amazing new solution the best way to solve the age-old problem of dribbly taps and showers. You would not buy a mobile phone the size of a brick so why buy pumps the size of a football? It is the only shower pump sold in the UK which has a 3 year warranty as standard, it is built to last, and can be serviced and maintained by the customer!

Recent Testimonials


Problem solved and shower working perfectly – yay! Many thanks Alan for your prompt responses and super service. Brilliant product and I’m really pleased with the outcome even though I encountered double trouble!!!

Craig Dennem

Took me longer to pick up from royal mail than it did to fit!!. No more sitting in the bath to shower for me!!! Look forward to the update so I don’t have to keep turning the plug on and off 😀

Colin Frost

Pump received and fitted thanks, took less than 20 minutes. It’s excellent and the shower now delivers 6 l/min as opposed to 3.4 l/min, very pleased.


Pump installed and working fine, both mixer showers fed off pair of pumps one on hot one on cold, automatic control works fine. Your product was so simple to install on 15mm pipe in loft space compared with the alternative power shower pumps on the market which would have required a complete overhaul of the pipes to both showers. Your telephone support was most appreciated. Good luck with the products going forward.

Phil MilnerElectrician

The pumps arrived this morning and the cold side is already fitted and feeds our header tank against gravity fine. What a great piece of kit. Low tech engineering at its best! Thanks again for a great pump – anyone want my big old pressure set?

ChrisPowys, Wales

I wanted to let you know that I fitted just one of the automatic pumps on Friday, and it works perfectly! It took me half an hour, and most of that was wiring up a socket to plug in to. Your pump is the only thing that would have worked in their situation, and it has transformed an utterly unusable, pathetic shower into quite an acceptable spray. I have two very happy customers!

Pete MesleyPlumberNorth Yorkshire

I fitted the shower booster with thermo switch in my airing cupboard, I am a DIY plumber and it took me just 90 minutes to complete the job including taking an electrical spur from my immersion heater for power. I have a gravity fed system with one and a half metre head of water from the cold tank, which is in my loft. Prior to fitting the unit I was getting just 3.2 litres of water a minute from the shower so only just good enough. After fitting the unit I am getting 6.2 litres a minute, this gives me a really good shower. This unit meets all of the claims made for it. I was a bit doubtful before I fitted it but not now, it really does work.

Mike Leech

I have now completely fitted both the master and slave pumps. They serve two showers and are excellent. Easy to fit and operate. It’s a pity that builders do not fit them as standard to gravity systems. I will certainly recommend you whenever I can.

Michael Leak

Just fitted the SPB and am absolutely amazed and impressed. On seeing its size my heart sank as I thought there was no way this small thing could fix the problem. I have purchased 3 electric showers over the last year and none have worked correctly due to low pressure. Despite its small size the pump does exactly what it says on the tin and provides me with a more than adequate shower at constant temperatures. Goodbye scalding/freezing showers, hello cleanliness :) Seriously its fab and Alan’s customer service is exceptional.

Pete ArissBirmingham

I just wanted to say you have done wonders for my stress levels as well as my water pressure. I had great belief that it would work but when I saw it in real life I had tiny doubt. It took 6 minutes to install and to test it and my whole family were squeezed into my bathroom awaiting the switch on with all fingers and toes crossed… We were astonished at how amazing it actually was, we now have an amazing full flow of water as opposed to absolutely no water pouring from our shower. (I will test the exact litres when I return home later.) The cheers coming from my house last night sounded like I was having a party. I think everyone needs one of these in their home. I have recommended your website/product to lots of my friends and colleagues that have various different water problems and also a few plumbers (who might I add were equally amazed) I can now return the silly bulky overpriced pump back to the shops where it belongs. You really are a genius. 1 question I do have… is it normal for the pump to make a slightly different sound when you’re not running any water to when you are running water? Dragons Den was where I first saw this product, but seriously you don’t need them. Thank you



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